No Credit Laptop Financing- The Best Way To Promote Work

Mar 15 2021

Laptops function much like a desktop despite their small size. Laptops provide you with the best of the world with portability, larger memory size and allow you to connect anyone at any location. Besides, they are one of the essential gadgets in today’s world. It would be best to have them at school, office, home, online shopping, or other requirements. However, laptops are expensive and not within the reach for everyone to purchase. Hence, you can look for no credit laptop financing before getting the one for you.  

This guide will help you know a few options for buying your essential gadgets without credit.

No Credit Laptop Financing

Are you into financial strains and don’t have the credit to buy a laptop? Do not strain yourself, as there are a few options that will help you get a laptop with a payment plan without a credit check. Here are some alternatives to get no credit laptop financing, with a few financial or electronic companies and stores that offer loans and payment plans to buy laptops without a credit check. Without credit check means cheap payment plans or loans without investigating your credit history.  

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is one of the leading and famous companies that provide payment plans with no credit laptop financing for those who don’t have enough credit or have a bad credit history. It is a payment program or method that allows you to acquire your laptop for free and pay the amount within the required and agreed duration. Their timeframe can be available for twelve to twenty-four months. Besides, it will not cost the interest rate on the laptop you buy.


Dell is another leading brand that provides its customers with payment options without a credit check. This option will not cost any interest rate and the leasing period varies according to the price per laptop. 


The great company, Lenovo, allows its customers to purchase their laptops by availing of the monthly installment plans. It also offers financial services and loans with no credit laptop financing or interest rates on the purchase. Besides, it incurs interest rates on specific laptop ranges. You can avail of the leasing duration for up to one year. 

While buying your laptop through Lenovo Singapore, you can select UOB or other banks’ installment plans with a 0% interest scheme. Shop for above S$500 to get this offer. You can select Asia Pay at the checkout option and follow the instructions available on the screen. If you have a credit card for other banks, you can check with your bank for installment information.

Besides, check the credit term and leasing solutions to enjoy fast credit and the quickest way to buy your new laptop.


If you qualify for certain conditions, you can avail of laptop payment plans from HP. It does not cost an interest rate or credit check. However, additional charges may incur late payments. Its payment period is offered for up to two years.   

Requirements to avail of the offer are the following:

  • Your age should be eighteen years and more.
  • It is a must to hold a national identification number.
  • You should have proof of your current residential address.

No Credit Laptop Financing Through Online Shopping Platforms

Payment Plans For Laptops


If you are plan to buy your new laptop from Lazada online shopping platform, you can use your American Express, JCB, Mastercard, or VISA credit cards. It does not check your credit score. Besides, you can avail of the installment payment plans through Atome, Pera247, Perajet, Paylater, InvestEd, Cashalo, or Tendopay if you don’t have a credit card. 


Atome, one of the leading online shopping paying platforms, allows you to receive your laptop first and pays the amount to its partner store for its customers. Besides, you will get your new laptop without credit checks, processing fees, interest rate, or waiting time. It is an effortless payment option to buy a laptop without credit checks.


Amazon’s online shopping platform allows its customers to avail themselves of no credit laptop financing. It deals with the best quality, convenient and reliable laptops at affordable and fair prices. It offers you a program to buy a laptop through no credit and a monthly installment plan. It does not check your credit and allow you to buy your laptop without charging an interest rate. 

To buy a laptop without a credit check, you can register your account over Amazon online shopping platform and link your credit card after selecting the laptop you want to buy. You will get your new laptop on the specified date, and your monthly installments will be initiated. However, you must have a positive payment record on your previously purchased products to avail of this offer.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman, an online shopping platform in Singapore, allows its customers to get no credit laptop financing and installment payment plans. You can select Visa and Mastercard for buying your laptop through credit card. It also offers installment payment plans on Mastercard, Visa, and AMEX. You can avail of Installment Payment Plans (IPP) with zero percent interest rates when you shop on Harvey Norman Singapore. This offer is suitable for those buyers who are purchasing their laptop through DBS, UOB, and AMEX credit cards. This convenience and flexibility will give you an option to pay for your laptop purchase over a period from twelve to twenty-four months period.

However, online buying platforms and electronic companies may change payment plans or offers. Hence, it would help if you checked the terms and conditions of the online platforms before availing of the no credit laptop financing through any of the options mentioned above. 


Laptops are the entertainment source and make people communicate easily, whether at the home, office or traveling. Besides, you can do several offline and online tasks, like making notes, shopping, booking or reservations, connecting with your friends or colleagues, or gaining knowledge or information. However, it is not affordable for everyone to buy a new laptop. Hence, you can buy a new one with no credit laptop financing through online platforms and electronic companies.