Mobile Phone Installment Plan Singapore- Redefining the Financing

Mar 11 2021

Do you want to buy your favorite mobile phone with an installment plan? When you can’t pay your mobile phone’s full cost, you want an easier way to make the payment installments. Besides, offering installment options makes the seller generate more sales. Many people want to purchase costly mobile phones in installments. The installment plans make the customers feel more comfortable paying for their desired mobile phone over time. Here is a quick guide to help you know the best options for mobile phone installment plan Singapore.

Best installment plans for mobile phones in Singapore

Nowadays, it is easier for customers to get a new and expensive mobile phone in installments. Here is the list of a few online stores offering the best installment plans in Singapore.


With Singtel, the online shopping store, you can purchase your new mobile phone for a SG$0 upfront payment. You do not require having a credit card deposit or minimum income needed for mobile phone installment plan Singapore with Singtel. It is exclusively available with Singtel’s MobileShare and SIM Only Supplementary plans.

 How does the installment plan of Singtel work?

Singtel allows its customers to manage their cash flow by dividing their mobile phones’ costs into as low as SG$38.80 per month easy monthly payments. Check the below-mentioned steps to see how the installment plan of Singtel works.

  • Select the mobile phone you want to buy from Singtel’s online platform.
  • Choose the SIM Only plan.
  • You don’t need a minimum deposit or income or a credit card to avail of this payment option.
  • You can also upgrade to a new mobile phone every year or according to your need.
  • Besides, you can select to own your mobile phone at any time.

Choose any mobile phone from Singtel and make affordable monthly payments from SG$38.80 per month.


Like any other payment option, checkout is simple when purchasing your mobile phone through Hoolah’s online shopping store.

How does the installment plan of Hoolah work?

  • Add your new mobile phone to the shopping cart.
  • Now you need to choose Hoolah as a payment option for your new mobile phone.
  • You have to pay 1/3rd of the payment with your credit or debit card.
  • Your cost of the mobile phone will be paid to the seller by Hoolah without additional fees.
  • You will receive your new mobile phone first and pay the remaining amount later.
  • Your balance payment will be deducted over the two consecutive months automatically.

To conclude, your payment will be deducted in three equal parts. You need to make the first payment and get your mobile phone. Hoolah provides its customers with the full transparency of the price. Hence, this flexible mobile phone installment plan Singapore will help buying your desired phone effortlessly.

DBS Installment Options

DBS mobile phone installment plan Singapore will help split your purchases for up to twenty-four months effortlessly through its credit card members.

How does the installment plan of DBS work?

  • You can buy your new mobile and split your purchase into monthly installments with zero percent interest.
  • Besides, you can spread your purchase for 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24 months for better management.
  • You can also activate your payment plan at participating online merchants and retail stores.
  • Select Pay by installments and choose up to ten transactions in your credit card account.
  • Convert your purchases on your credit card into zero percent interest installments.

Besides, it does not charge the processing fee for up to six months.

FlexiPlans from COURTS

Do you have a passion for the latest mobile phones? When you want to purchase an expensive mobile phone, forget about breaking your bank account. Turn your payments into affordable and smaller amounts with FlexiPlans without bank loans, credit lines, or stress.

How does the installment plan of FlexiPlan from COURTS work?

With FlexiPlans, you can stretch your purchases for up to sixty months. Besides, your installment plan applicants get approved within fifteen minutes. COURTS offers its customers four-installment types to shop at COURTS effortlessly. COURTS have a plan for everyone, which are the following:

 Flexi Complete: This plan is ideal for bargain hunters who will get a payment option to pay from six to sixty months with a p.a. term charge of 23.99% when you spend a minimum of SG$200.69.

Flexi Pass:It is the best plan for savvy expatriates who will get a payment option to pay from six to fifty months with a p.a. term charge of 33.99% when you spend a minimum of SG$200.69.

Besides, two more plans Flexi Home is for home upgraders and Flexy easy for the smart students.

Rely Installment Plan

Rely offers its users a flexible and effortless mobile phone installment plan Singapore.

How does the installment plan of Rely work?

1. To avail of the installment plan, you should sign up for a new account Rely Singapore. Hitec mobile is Rely’s selected partner for an installment plan of buy now and pays later. While buying your new mobile phone from Rely’s online shopping store, you must use your debit or credit card.

2. Select your mobile phone you want to buy through the installment plan. Add the product minimum of SG$133.79 and proceed to checkout. You will be charged an additional 6% credit card fee without any monthly interest.

3. You should select Rely-Split your payments options and continue to receive verification on your registered mobile.

4. Your total amount will split into three monthly installments. You have to pay the first installment while purchasing your mobile phone and the next two in consecutive months.

Add the debit or credit card details and complete your purchase of a new mobile phone with Rely.


Mobile phone installment plan Singapore will redefine what is affordable for you. If you want to buy a new mobile phone, you can opt for any of the installment payment plans mentioned above to pay for your purchase over time. Besides, it will make your expensive mobile phone purchase easier and affordable. While the specifics differ slightly by each payment provider, the core offering of each remains the same- A customer does not have to make their entire payment upfront.

Check out the more manageable and affordable three-month installment plan with zero percent interest when you buy your new mobile phone on