Lazada Installment Interest

May 24 2021

Do you want interest-free plans to make payments for your shopping in installments? Your search ends here. Lazada provides its customers with a zero percent Lazada installment interest-free loan for the lenders who are applying loan for the first time. Later these loans will be subject to standard rates of interest from 2% to 4%. The processing fee is not included in this interest rate. Lazada also has various financing partners who offer low-interest plans for Lazada customers.   

This article will provide you with a few financing partners’ details, their payment interests, and the installment interest program. 

Lazada And Its Financing Partners

There are various financing partners of Lazada who allow buyers to bag the most incredible shopping deal by buying the products now and paying the amount later. This offer is with zero percent Lazada Installment interest rate through Lazada’s online platform. The financing partners of Lazada include:

  • Billease
  • Tendopay
  • Pera247
  • Paylater
  • UnaPay

Interest Rate Through BPI Credit Card

If you want to avail yourself of the opportunity to make your payment in installment with a zero percent Lazada installment interest rate, you must know how to use a BPI credit card.

You can choose the item or product you desire to buy and “Add to Cart.” With a BPI credit card, you will be rewarded for a holiday shopping offer at any place using this card. Customers can also apply for a loan through an app or Lazada’s official website, and you will get the approval of your loan application the same day. 

Lazada Installment Interest Through Billease

Billease offers affordable installment plans at leading online merchants, including Lazada. With Billease, customers have the benefits of easy billing for the blissful shopping experience. Your installment plan with Billease will be one, two, three, six, and twelve months.

Besides, there are benefits for customers to enjoy the lowest Lazada installment interest without paying for their purchase upfront. Billease charges the lowest interest rate to its Lazada customers at only 3.49% per month. Customers can also benefit from availing of 0% APR for its selected merchants when they sign up. 

How Does The Billease plan work?

Lazada customers can avail of the plan through Billease by following the below mentioned process:

  • Select the amount you desire for.
  • Submit the documentation, like one valid identity proof (ID), proof of your income, and your billing.
  • Upon completing the process, you must check your e-mail or log in to your account to check your initial credit limit. Although 70% of the plan gets approval instantly, else it takes a single working day.
  • You can use this credit limit on Lazada.
  • You can pay your installment amount through 7-Eleven, e-wallet transfer, direct bank, or at any OTC payment channels. 

Billease provides an installment payment method for the Lazada purchases for its customers with a minimal Lazada installment interest and processing fee. To know more about the interest rates offered for Lazada customers, they can calculate the installment through Billease’s online calculator available on their website.

Lazada Installment Interest Through FDFC

When the pandemic hit the world with Covid-19, it was the financial technology company, First Digital Finance Corp. (FDFC), who conjoined with Lazada, the e-commerce player, to provide its customers with Lazada installment interest-free plan. This plan is for all essential goods to offer relief on payment for many items required by consumers who are affected by covid-19.

According to FDFC, the limited zero-based financing will help consumers get installment credit solutions free of interest through Lazada’s e-wallet. Consumers will also avail of zero percent APR and the option to pay later for up to three months.

This plan will mitigate the consumers’ burden during the Coronavirus crisis and encourage buyers to utilize the benefits of a cashless payment option as a payment method as COD was suspended temporarily. 

Lazada’s Seller Installment Program

Sellers can team up with the Installment Program, where Lazada provides its customers with a choice to pay a few selected items listed on Lazada’s official website to increase their sales volume. The seller consent to execute its obligation by payment in conformity with the Lazada installment interest rate charge from its partner’s bank.

Products or Items To Join The Seller Installment Program

  • If the product’s price is more than 3,000 Bht, buyers can do a three months installment.
  • If the product’s price is more than 5,000 Bht, buyers can do a six months installment.
  • If the product’s price is more than 8,000 Bht, buyers can do a ten months installment.

You can visit the official online platform to know more about the Lazada installment interest rate charge.

Customers Reviews for Lazada Installment Interest

Many customers who purchased products through Lazada, one of the best e-commerce platforms, are satisfied to avail of the low Lazada installment interest rate than other lending companies. Customers are pleased to use the reliable and effortless process of its payment plans. 


Lazada is the best and one of the most well-known and beneficial online platforms. You can avail of many benefits by its interest-free or low-interest installment option. Its offers of low Lazada installment interest make it a top-notch online shopping platform. Check out its official online store to know the updated payment and installment plans and offers. 

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