Keeping the little ones entertained at home

Apr 27 2020

As we all create our routines and adapt to our new home offices for this temporal norm. This period has been trying to say the least, and it’s easy to lose track of time and what day of the week it is (is it Friday? Are we still in 2020? Who knows)

Spending time at home means spending more time with our loved ones, and you’re thrilled because it means seeing your children when the sun is still out. However, this could also be uncharted territory especially if you’ve never had to work from home before.

#WFH definitely sounds exciting, but we don’t really take into consideration the amount of distractions home has, and the amount of discipline it takes to stay focused. It’s easy to do nothing truly productive the whole day, but it’s also easy to over work, miss meals, and forget to take much needed breaks throughout the day.

If you’re a parent, it’s tricky especially if you have little ones at home. (Shout-out to you if you’re juggling work from home and entertaining the kids!) We’ve done our research and experts have said that one trick is to maintain your child’s routine as predictable schedules create a sense of security. Planning is essential, as it helps you save time and give structure to your day – schedule playtime, naptime, bathtime and mealtimes in advance and ensure that the family is onboard.

Creating a structure allows you to make full use of your breaks from the computer screen, and provides the opportunity for you to engage and bond with your child during these times.

Here are some items that we think would be a big win for any parent, plus when you pay with Atome, you get to split the bill into three easy 0% interest instalments. With no hidden fees, you get to own the things you love

Little Baby: Liku Educational Bumper Mat with Sound Pen

Build a safe play space for your little one with the learning mat developed with early childhood experts and linguists. The mat comes with a sound pen and six different posters to keep your child entertained – they can recite the alphabets, the day of the week, there’re even songs and lullabies to keep them entertained. Plus, it comes with no wires or electronic circuits, as it uses OID technology that is recognised by the Sound Pen.

Reach for toys that promote problem solving and thinking which helps to foster creativity and imagination too! The mat is waterproof, and easy to clear which is perfect for your child with an ever growing curiosity.

Little Baby: Designskin play Slide Table Sofa

Designed for toddlers, this play slide is perfect for those learning to walk, or perfect their walk. This cushion is made with high density compressed air cell pad, and covered with a premium PU memorial fabric, so you can be rest assured that your child is in safe hands. You can transform this into a slide for play time, table set for your little one to eat, read or draw, or a sofa for them to relax in. It’s compact and easy to store as well, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in the house.

Little Baby: Pongga Baby and Parent Walking Shoes

If you have a little one learning how to walk, then these are the shoes for you! Everyone knows how important first steps are, and we know how scary they can be (not just about walking, but for life in general). Designed for you and your baby, the shoes allow you to be with your child every step of the way. Fostering a sense of interaction and trust between the two of you. Physical activity plays an important role in a baby’s growth cycle, and by bonding through walking, it helps to develop an emotional and physical interaction with one another.

Mother’s Corn: Petit smart Ecotainer Set

It’s a busy time, and if you’re working from home with a child by your side then you know how time-consuming prepping for snacks and meals can be. Which is why we would advise preparing snacks in advance to help plan out your snacks and get nutrients in! These petit container set is perfect for holding all the snacks that your child loves – it could be blueberries, some biscuits and even baby carrots. Plus, it comes with an adorable design to make it more fun. This helps you to save time and kids can look forward to their snacks!

Mother’s Corn: Bubble Bath Hair & Body Cleanser with Bubble Blower

Make bath time more exciting with Mother’s Corn Bubble Bath Hair & Body Cleanser! The shower gel is a great to keep your baby’s skin moisturised, and is suitable for sensitive and dry skin. It comes with a Woody Bubble Blower, which makes bath time more fun and enjoyable for kids.

Spongellé: Fish | Sponge Animals

Keep the fun alive with Sponge Animals body wash infused buffers from Spongellé. These playful sponges are infused with a gentle formula that cleans and nourishes the skin. They are enriched with Chamomile extracts that is known to be hypoallergenic, and helps to reduce skin irritants by neutralising free radicals. Not to mention, they are vegan friendly, cruelty-free and sulfate free!

Mother’s Corn: Award Winning Play & Learn Meal Time Set

Made from corn, the Play & Learn Meal Time set is ideal for children who can eat by themselves. It comes with cutleries, a growing cup with a non-slip silicone ring to prevent spillage, a snack cup (which can also be used as a drinking cup or soup bowl), an adorable school bus platter which allows you to section the food (fruits can be separated from the savoury items!), a bowl that fits into the platter or can be used separately, and an education card set for kids to learn while they eat!

Remember to pay with Atome, so that you can get the things you love now and not stress about the bills as Atome splits the bill into three interest free instalments. Keep track of your payments by downloading the app on Android and iOS.

Love it. Own it. Pay later.

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