It’s (Virtual) Holiday Time!

Apr 09 2020

Wanderlusting? Cause gurl, same.

As we pause all travel plans for the foreseeable future, fret not! We got some ways for you to travel without leaving your bed. To somewhat cope with our wanderlust, the internet has (once again) came to our rescue.

Explore the beautiful cities around the world with virtual tours, visit their museums, and even look at cute animals (!!!!). There are no restrictions, no hassle of packing a bag, getting through immigration and whatnot. Travel, uninhibited.

We’ve round up a list of stunning idyllic places for you to explore on your screen, so get comfy and explore the world with us.

London, UK

For those who have never been to the UK, I can personally tell you from experience that, it does in fact rain the majority of the time (I love the rain but it makes walking around a huge chore). However, thanks to this virtual experience, you can explore the UK without the hassle of carrying around a brolly. The UK, like many places in the world, has its own unique charm and has so many museums, cafés and markets to visit. While we can’t/shouldn’t travel any time soon, we can slowly tick off the things you want to see virtually.

Head on this virtual walk around London, and enter the Buckingham Palace, soak in Andy Warhol’s amazing exhibition at Tate Modern, and connect with history at the British Museum.

Paris, France

There’s a reason why it’s been voted the most beautiful city in the world, and this city of romance is filled with art, fashion, culture and amazing pastries. Visit the iconic Eiffel Tower, admire artwork at the Louvre, and have a stroll down Champs Elysées.

The city takes you on a whirlwind romance that leaves you never quite the same after. Enjoy your virtual walk and remember to check out the Louvre while you’re here!

Beijing, China

The capital of China, Beijing is known to be a culture hub. The bustling city is filled with so many amazing things to do. You can explore the Imperial Palace and uncover the hidden treasures in The Forbidden City, and visit The Temple of Heaven, known to be the royal alter which is seen as the most holy of Beijing’s imperial temples.

Most importantly, China’s most famous attraction, and also UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great Wall of China which spans over 21 km is a definite must. Click here for a virtual tour, or go on a virtual walk of this amazing historic site and soak in the gorgeous views!

If you’re looking for the adorable pandas, unfortunately the Beijing Zoo does not have a live cam, however the Shenshuping Gengda Panda Center in China’s Wolong Valley Nature Reserve in Sichuan has 11 panda yards for you to watch these cute pandas, sleep and eat all day.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has been on my bucket list since forever, and watching my mum watch her Korean dramas (I personally can’t keep up!) makes me want to visit the city even more – especially when they whip out jajangmyeon or other yummy looking food. The vibrant city is filled with good food in Hongdae, amazing culture and traditions, and shopping in Myeong-dong!

Explore this technologically-advanced city and if you’re all about the Contemporary Art life, remember to check out the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Lisse, The Netherlands

It’s Spring now, and it’s time for life to return to all the floral and fauna, meaning it’s time for flowers, flowers and more flowers!! In The Netherlands, millions of visitors will head to Lisse to catch the blooming tulips fields, namely the Keukenhof flower garden which is known to be the most beautiful spring garden in the world. However, Keukenhof is closed due to the coronavirus, but don’t let that get you down, they’re opened virtually so you can sit back and marvel in its natural beauty here!

I promised cute animals, didn’t I? Well, if you’re interested in heading to South Africa to experience their rich wildlife reserve, you can temporarily get in on the action here. But if looking at enchanting sea creatures are more up your street, head over to Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. For even more variety, head to Explore.Org for more animal live streams to help take your mind off the current pandemic, and take a short break from anything that’s stressing you out.

As we all cope with travel plans being postponed indefinitely, remember that we’re all in this together, and we’ll emerge through this stronger than ever.

Love it. Own it. Pay later.

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