How to Apply for PayPay Now

Jul 13 2021

Many networks will provide you a money transfer facility. But which one is the best? Well, to help you out of it, we have brought the best money transferring service called PayPay now. Paynow is a Singapore-based money transfer service. They provide the best service throughout Singapore. PayPay is now available at 11 participating banks, so transferring money is as easy as you like. We will define the following attributes, including how to apply for PayPay now. Stay with us.

What is Paynow:

PayNow is a fund transfer or money transfer service in Singapore. It is available at the retail benefit of 11 participating banks. Paynow is an easy and reliable way to send your money. You don’t have to exchange account numbers for it. In fact, with just having a mobile number, you can send money anytime anywhere on it. Moreover, you can use either the mobile phone number or NRIC/FIN or Company Unique Entity Number (UEN) of any recipient*.

Benefits and advantages of PayNow:

There are many benefits and advantages that you will get through pay now. Any bank connected to pay now will give you immense easiness and flexibility to use it. Following are the benefits and advantages that you will get from pay now.

  • The unique thing about PayPay Now is you can receive and send funds or money any time you want. You will receive it in your connected bank account
  • You don’t need to know about the bank account number. Just the network or mobile number is enough to send the money.
  • The business payout and government entities are faster than ever.
  • Sometimes in some services, when you change the mobile number, you change the account, but no need to do that. You can still have the same account if the number is changed.
  • Paynow is entirely safe and secure. Pay now makes you completely relieved while using it. It is entirely reliable.
  • As you send and receive money anytime, you want. It is available 24/7

How to apply for Paynow:

There are the following different ways to apply for pay now. The process for compensation now is the same, and the difference is the medium you are using. We will define each one to identify how to apply for payment now.

How to  apply for pay now through Mobile phone:

The first thing to do if you have to have a bank account. Open or login into your required bank account. After doing that, sit and relax. Follow the steps below carefully. Following are the steps require.

  • Open the bank account and log into it
  • There will be a button” Pay and transfer” tap on that
  • Tap on PayPay now
  • Register your mobile phone number into it
  • Then enter your nickname or your name and account that will link with paynow
  • Review all the terms and policies and tap on apply now or register now.

This is the way you can apply for PayPay now through your mobile phone app.

How to apply for paynow through the desktop:

Now almost the same process will be followed but still so different steps though. Just open your laptop or pc and open the bank account using google chrome or any browser you prefer. Follow the steps to proceed. Following are the steps of how to apply for paynow.


  • First, log into your banking account
  • After doing that, go to the transfer category then to a mobile number or NRIC pay now.
  • Then you will see my registration. 
  • Click on my registration then to register my mobile number or register my NRIC number.
  • This is the process of applying for paynow through the desktop.

About Atome:

ATOME is an online payment method where anyone can purchase items on a particular time and pay later. By choosing ATOME as your payment method, you can pay one-third of the payment at the time of purchase and you can pay the rest of the payment in the coming months. You can track your debts to find out how much is due. You will be notified whenever your payment cycle ends. 

ATOME has zero hidden costs and no interest payment method. In the event that you miss any payment before the due date, your account will be automatically disabled. After that to activate your account, you will have to pay $ 20. If this amount is not deposited within seven days, you will have to pay another $ 10. ATOME only works if you link your debit card issued in Singapore to your ATOME account, and the amount will be refunded by SGD.

Selecting of Atome As A payment Method:

Following are the ways to select Atome Payment Method 

First if you don’t have the atome account yet just go to the home page and sign in

It is very easy to sign yourself in atome

Once you are done then select the store and visit their official site

Then choose Atome as a payment method

THen you can buy the product one third of the payment and can pay the rest in a month

Moreover you can also pay through atome in a physical outlet by scanning the code of atome

This is how you can pay through atome. Sign in in 


PayNow is one of the best and easiest ways to receive and transfer money anytime you want. You can easily make use of it while sitting at home. Moreover, you don’t require bank account numbers anymore. You can easily send and receive the money through your mobile phone number. Isn’t it easy? So apply in paynow now and make your account in it. You will be delighted with it.