How does Google Pay Works Full Details Explained

How does Google Pay work? It is a new Internet-based payment processing system. It is paid to you by direct deposit to your bank account.

What does that mean to you? This means that when you need it, you have quick access to money! This is the best way for you to avoid delays in obtaining cash so that you can pay bills and emergency expenses immediately. You can use your bank account for everything you want to shop online, receive money for utilities, or any other statement you receive online. It also makes it easier to pay rent, buy groceries or even pay all utility bills from the comfort of your home computer.

The company you want to work with will be able to guide you through the entire process of getting your money safely every month. They will create a schedule that will work with your payment and bank account availability. You do not have to worry about how you will pay because they will handle all that for you.

How does Google Pay work to ensure that you must pay online every time? They set up a series of rules to ensure that you are paid on time to not have to worry about paying twice, and it allows members to pay in cash. This eliminates the need to use money transfer services, which can be a hassle.

How does Google Pay work to eliminate the hassle of traditional banking and online money transfer? They have a system that is easy to work with, and you have the latest technology to make payments in the online world. With the newest technology, you won’t have to worry about paying online or even receiving a paper check. This is because they are ready to deposit your money in your bank account. Then, you can spend it as you please.

 What is U.P.I ?

If you talk about any wallet, then it is essential to speak about U.P.I in it. Why U.P.I provides an online money transfer facility across India. U.P.I (Unified Payments Interface) has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India for instant-time payments.

How does Google Pay work?

What do you need before using Google Pay?

  • A Smartphone with a working internet connection
  • A bank account with a registered mobile number
  • A debit or credit card


This is an Android app; so first, you have to download it from Google Playstore, after downloading it will be automatically installed on your device. After the installation, you will register in this app with the number that is linked to your bank account, after which you will have to select a Google account and verify your account with a one-time password. Then you will need to create a multiple-digit Google PIN and your installation will be complete.

How to add a Bank account?

When your application is fully installed, you need to go to the home page of this app, you will find a profile icon at the top to click or touch it. After going to the profile, you will get the option of an add bank account, after clicking it, you will have to suck the bank which bank account you have to use in this app. The smartphone will ask you for some permission, which will appear on the display with a UPI ID after applying your account number. After selecting it, you must enter the last six digits and the expiration date of your debit or credit card. You will have to verify again via an OTP and set up and activate the account.

How to pay?

By phone number

The first option that gives you Google Pay for money transfer is on contact numbers. For that, first, go to the home screen and go to the new payment option. And find the contact number on which you have to transfer money or dial the number to which you have to send money, after dialing, click on the button next to enter the amount. After that, touch on the process, enter the UPI PIN, the money will be transferred.

By QR code

You can also scan and pay QR codes through this app. In this app, you will get the option of the scanner, click on it, then scan the QR code through the camera of your smartphone. Enter the UPI PIN and your payment is done.You can also make the payment by Q.R. code scanning, just search my Q.R. code or spot code, and you will get your personal Q.R code; use it to pay. If someone sends you the Q.R. code through any messenger, then you can use this Q.R. code by clicking on the top right corner.

In the bank account

Go to the home screen and click on the new payment option and after that, you will see the bank transfer option, click on it, enter the bank details. After that, click on the menu, enter the amount, after this, you will have to enter the UPI PIN and your payment will be made.

How to change UPI PIN?

Click on the profile icon on the home page, choose the payment method, then select the bank account whose UPI PIN you change. And then click on the menu or three dots and choose the change pin. Before changing, you must enter the current PIN, then enter your new PIN. You must re-enter to confirm the PIN, making sure that the PIN is never copy-pasted. Confirm and your PIN will be changed.

Other services

Google Pay not only works for end-to-end transactions, but also has many other functions like mobile recharge, DTH bill, electricity bill, post-paid mobile bill, broadband, LPG booking, landline, water, and so on.Once you pay any bill through Google Pay, this app sends you notifications every month to pay the bill. So that you do not need to remember its date. Just click on the information and pay the bill.

Advantage of Google pay

  • The fast and effortless solution to send and receive the money.
  • Several cash back and advantages positive aspects.
  • Encryption and also numerous levels of collateral by Google to fasten trades.
  • Purchase off debts, recharge your phone, and also perform web shopping working with this program.
  • No extra price of the usage.
  • This program may be appropriately utilized for enterprise goals. Integration is quite simple by API without a commission will be demanded.


In today’s fast-paced world, no one wants to carry more cash. And many people carry plastic cards. Today, all human beings wish to that they have to take a minimum amount of goods and get more benefits from it. So nowadays, everyone has abandoned the traditional payment method and prefers to do everything via mobile. A mobile wallet is an easiest and fastest way to withdraw cash. I have told you in this article about Google Pay and how does Google Pay work? After reading this entire article, how did you like this article and please give your feedback in the comment box?