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Apr 14 2022

We all see aisles of dietary supplements in departmental stores, which often makes us wonder whether we need one. GNC Singapore offers supplements that contain essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need to function properly. While we can get the same from food, it is sometimes not possible to intake the required amount every time.

Supplements aim to fill the gaps between our diet and the dietary requirements of our bodies. Some popular nutrient supplements with users are Calcium, multivitamins, vitamins B, C, and D.

Evidence suggests that some supplements aid in improving health in various ways. For example, Calcium is good for bone health, while Vitamin D helps the body absorb Calcium. Vitamins E and C are both antioxidants that prevent cell damage and promote good health. Pregnant women need iron during pregnancy, and Vitamin D is beneficial for breastfed infants. These are just a few vitamins and their health benefits.

What is GNC known for?

GNC, or General Nutrition Company, is based in Pittsburgh, United States, and the company focuses on nutrition and health-based products. Their product line includes supplements, minerals, vitamins, sports nutrition, herbs, diet, and energy products.

GNC’s journey started in 1935 when David Shakarian opened a modest health food store in downtown Pittsburgh. The company steadily grew into a large conglomerate that currently has thousands of stores across the globe.

The brand is committed to finding innovative solutions to health problems and meeting the highest safety, efficacy, and quality standards in its products.

GNC outlets Singapore

GNC Singapore

ONI Global Group is the only franchisee for GNC in Singapore and the Philippines. The company is among Asia’s largest specialty retailers of supplements, nutritional products, and vitamins. They also own the LAC and Xndo Food for Health brand and Face On Clinic by Doctors. Based in Singapore, the company has distribution channels across the Asia Pacific, China, the USA, and the Middle East.

GNC Singapore outlets

GNC has a total of 62 GNC outlets across Singapore. Here are a few locations where you can find GNC Sg.

  • Ang Mo Kio Hub
  • Bukit Panjang Plaza
  • Bugis Junction
  • GNC Tampines Mall
  • Bedok Mall
  • Centrepoint
  • City Square Mall
  • Changi City Point
  • GNC NEX Mall
  • Great World City
  • Harbourfront Centre
  • Hougang Mall

GNC Products and Best-sellers

At GNC Singapore, you can find a wide variety of health supplements to help you achieve a healthy and balanced life. Their store offers different GNC products, including Vitamins and supplements, protein and fitness, beauty and slimming, and food items. Their website even offers a health guide to help you on the path to fitness.

GNC protein powder

Let’s look at some of GNC’s best-selling categories.

GNC Bones and Joints

You can find supplements for children and adults that promote healthy bones and joints. It has several varieties, including GNC Magnesium, GNC Glucosamine, GNC Glucosamine Sulfate, and more.

GNC Multivitamins

Here you can shop for GNC multivitamins for women and men and also gummy multivitamins for kids.

GNC Fish Oil

Omega and fish oil prevent and manage heart disease. At GNC, you can find several variations to choose from as per your need.

GNC sleep support

Nothing makes you unwind like a good night’s sleep. You can find sleep-promoting supplements such as GNC Melatonin, GNC L-Theanine, and other herbal products too.

GNC muscle recovery

Muscle recovery is essential for bodybuilders and sportsmen. GNC offers protein blends and more to help you maintain muscle mass and a healthy physical form.

GNC weight gainers

Another product category that is essential for weight lifters and bodybuilders- GNC has various flavors in its weight gainer category for you to try.

GNC protein powder

Whey is a complete protein that contains a branched-chain amino acid that aids muscle building. It also promotes skin and tissue repair. At GNC, you can shop for different sizes and flavors of whey protein powder.

GNC collagen

Collagen controls skin elasticity, and as we grow older, it gets harder for our bodies to produce it. GNC collagen supplements can help your body produce the collagen your skin needs to look fresh and young.

GNC probiotics

Probiotics consist of good bacteria that our body needs to stay healthy and functional. GNC offers different products in this category that you can choose from according to your taste preference.

GNC Vitamin C

Vitamin C aids in the growth, development, and repair of body tissues. Also known as a “superfood” for skin, GNC has a wide variety of Vitamin C products for you to choose from.

GNC Singapore is one of Atome’s partnered merchants

GNC Singapore has partnered with Atome to bring its customers an easier way to shop for their favorite GNC supplements. You can shop from any GNC outlet in Singapore or GNC’s website and pay through Atome’s flexible payment plans. Let’s find out more about Atome and how it can simplify your shopping woes.

What is Atome?

Atome stands for “Available to me.” This payment app aims to bridge the gap between consumers’ desires and their monthly budget. With Atome, users can split their bill from any of Atome’s partnered merchants and pay it in three parts instead of one. This allows for a modern and enhanced consumer shopping experience.

Atome is a Singapore-based company that is currently operational in nine markets across Greater China, Latin America, and South and Southeast Asia. The brand has over 5000 merchants working alongside that offer premium products and services across beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and more.

Buy GNC products with Atome app

Launched in 2019, Atome believes in empowering shoppers to afford high-quality products and services over time. If you want to shop with Atome, download their app (Get the app) and create your account.

Let’s find out how you can pay with Atome.

Scan the QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

How to pay for GNC in-store purchase with Atome

  1. Download the app and become a registered user.
  2. Scan the QR code from the Atome app when you are checking out of a GNC outlet in Singapore.
  3. Pay one part of your GNC bill and defer the remaining amount to the subsequent months.

GNC Singapore is your ticket to a healthier lifestyle

Dietary supplements are a great way of enhancing the nutrient density of your diet. GNC supplements provide your body with extra nutrients that help fight free radicals from harming healthy cells, regenerate damaged cells, and speed up the regeneration and renewal process.

There are several areas where our diet isn’t enough, and supplements can help fill those gaps. GNC offers an extensive variety of dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals that you can choose from. Don’t compromise on your health and shop from GNC Singapore with Atome. This way, you can kick start your journey toward a healthier life without the stress of disturbing your monthly budget.

Atome’s flexible payment plans allow you to pay your bill in parts without service fees or extra interest charges. So search for ‘GNC near me’ and head over to their outlet today and complete your purchase with Atome.

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