Are Airpods 2 Worth It? A Few Things To Note About The New Airpods

Mar 12 2021

Call them whatever you like- Air-pods 2 or the new and improved Air-pods, it is pretty evident that Apple is not playing around. They mean business when they upgraded the original wireless earbuds, introducing the centred LED on the optical wireless charging case. Although Airpods 2 retains much of the original appearance of the Air-pods, these are quite superior, performance-wise, from its predecessor. As expected with any new upgraded models by Apple, Air-pods 2 are quite expensive, relative to other wireless earbuds. However, if you look at the prices globally, Airpods 2 Singapore price is among the lowest in the world. But should you be buying a pair? Read on to find out.

Airpods 2 Singapore Price

Singapore is on the shortlist of countries where the prices of Airpods 2 are the cheapest, across the globe. Others on this list include Ukraine, Greece, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. Along with a charging case, on average, the Airpods 2 Singapore price is around SGD 239.00. Relative to its competitors, it is on the upper end of the price spectrum of wireless earbuds.

Airpods 2 is demolishing its competitors

Despite being pricier in comparison to other wireless earbuds, as an Apple product, Airpods 2 is still affordably priced. Consider, for instance, the Airpods 2 Singapore price of SGD 239, it is 177.64 United States Dollars, which is quite competitively priced. It is one of the primary reasons why Airpods 2 have managed to become a rad. People are using it during a commute, as they walk to work or take a stroll around the park. It has become a part of their daily routine, as they continue doing chores while simultaneously listening to music, podcasts, or catching up on audiobooks.

As per Counterpoint Research, Apple is ahead of its competitors. The tech giant currently accounts for 60% of the global wireless earbuds market. Apple is outpacing its nearest competitor Jabra’s Elite Active 65t, which only accounts for about 10% of the market.

The already considerable demand for the Airpods is increasing and earning a lot of revenue for Apple. Some have noted that the revenue contribution from Air-pods is merely 3% of the overall annual earnings of Apple i.e. $265 billion. However, this is still a significant amount of revenue because Airpods 2 is making more money for Apple than the annual revenue of some big tech players like Twitter.

Why should you buy Airpods 2?

All said and done, it all comes down to features. After all, no matter how hyped a product is or how in-trend it is to own it, you should only buy something for what it is offering. Especially given the Airpods 2 Singapore price being a somewhat costly proposition for any regular buyer.

Below are some of the features that Airpods 2 is offering its users:

  • For any iPhone user, the integration of Siri is great. It is indicative of the fact that Apple is confident of its ability to continually improve on its virtual assistant.
  • The second most noticeable improvement is the battery life. Airpods 2 improved from its previous 3.45 hours of battery life on a single charge to now providing 4.175-hour of playback to its users. It is a notable 21% boost in battery life.
  • Airpods 2 rely on Bluetooth 5. However, it is still compatible with AAC and can provide 50% of additional talk time than the original Airpods.
  • The quality of the microphone is also way ahead of the usual, run-of-the-mill earbuds. The microphone array delivers exceptional clarity of audio, removing much of the echo.
  • For users who are already using Apple products and are part of the existing ecosystem of iCloud, buying Airpods 2 is a much more convenient option. These would fit right in, which means users will find it much more hassle-free to use Airpods 2.
  • Regardless of what you think about the Airpods 2 Singapore price, you would probably agree that Apple has built credibility for itself. Apple creates reliable products, and if you don’t have the necessary time to do a deep dive on the quality-control of something outside the Apple ecosystem, then it is best to go for Airpods 2. Betting on an up and coming brand, without proper research, could leave a sour taste in your mouth.

How to buy Airpods 2?

Now that you know why you should be buying Airpods 2, you are probably thinking that you should start saving for a pair. However, what if there was a way for you to buy Airpods 2 now, without breaking your bank?

The booming e-commerce market in Singapore has made things considerably easy for its online customers. E-commerce giants like Lazada have come up with many BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) plans. These alternative payment options will allow you to purchase an Airpods 2 in Singapore, without you having to pay the full amount upfront.

BNPL plans such as the Lazada instalment plan will allow you to split the cost of the product and pay in zero-interest instalments over an extended period. You can choose up to a 12-month instalment plan, where you would be paying as low as $19.57 every month. And all of this would be you without having to pay any interest.


Despite Airpods 2 Singapore price being what it is, you can easily afford to buy a pair for yourself given the flexible payment options provided by e-commerce players like Lazada. Take advantage of the numerous offers and easy payment options and treat yourself to the new and improved AirPods.