Apple Wallet on Mac- Making Transactions Flawless

Apr 13 2021

Do you want your transactions easier on your Mac device? Apple wallet is the easier way to send and receive money, making your transactions as smooth as ever before. You can make secure and contactless purchases over online platforms, apps, and stores. It helps make payments and transactions on Apple devices. Besides, it is the simplest and safest way to make payments than using your physical bank cards. You can download Apple Wallet on Mac to avail of the benefits.

Let’s go through this blog to know more about Apple Wallet on Mac, downloading it, and its uses.

What is Apple Wallet?

Apple Wallet is a mobile app provided by iOS interface for Apple users, be it MAC, iPhone, or Apple Watch. You can use it to store coupons, ID cards, boarding passes, movie or event tickets, or transportation tickets. Besides, you can store prepaid cards, debit or credit cards, and loyalty cards in your Apple Wallet. It was presented initially at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2012 and was launched on September 19th, 2012.

It works like other digital wallets to keep all your essential transaction modes under one app, which you cannot view without the owner’s permission. Apple Wallet is used widely by Singaporeans for the ease of their payments. It is easily operated on iPhones but has a slightly different interface for Apple Wallet on Mac. 

Apple Wallet on Mac

If your Mac has a built-in Touch ID, you can easily use it to make payments on websites supporting Apple Pay. It is thus a payment mode where you can process your payments for the orders placed online. You can choose between your stored prepaid card, debit card or credit card, or Apple Card via Apple Wallet to make payments.

Apple Card is a new payment card to make your payments on the Apple store through Apple devices. If you have already linked your card to the App Store or iTunes store, you need to provide its security code to add it to Apple Wallet. Also, it gives the feature where you can view all your transactions, which is applicable for the selected bank cards. After setting up and adding your card details to the Apple Wallet on Mac, you can make transactions online from safari or use Apple Pay. Scroll to generate the steps for Apple Pay Setup.

How to Setup Apple Pay on Mac?

To set up your Apple Pay on Mac, you need to follow some easy below-mentioned steps.

  • Select the menu on your Mac device, head to system preferences, and choose Apple Pay and Wallet.
  • Click on Add Card. This option will process if you have signed up to your iCloud ID.
  • After selecting add card, you now need to enter your payment information.
  • Under this, you will see two options; if your card is already linked with iTunes or App Store, then you need to enter the security code under Card on File option. Besides, if you want to add a new card, you need to place your card in front of the camera to appear within the frame.
  • Follow the instructed steps ahead. You can also enter your details manually by filling in all the displayed tabs on your screen.
  • If you sign out your iCloud ID, you need to enter your card details again when you use it next time.

Singapore Citizens usually refer to Apple Pay for their payments and have set up their Apple Wallet and cards in their Mac devices.

Transaction Details Menu

You can view your transaction details placed previously or recently. To fetch the details, you need to select Apple Menu and go to system preferences. After this, you can click on Wallet and Apple Pay. Select the card for the transaction you want to view, and click on transactions. After selecting all the needed tabs, you will see the transaction list appeared on your Mac screen’s right.

Apple Pay Cards Management

Now that you are all done with the required steps for Apple Wallet on Mac, you can easily use your cards stored in it. You can also manage your wallet by installing system preferences and clicking on Apple Wallet and Pay. Here, you can view all your entered details, billing addresses, purchases, and others. If you look at the window on your screen, you will find multiple tabs where you can view all your relevant information and connect to the help center in case of any doubts.


There might be some cases that your card will not work, or you will face some issues in Apple Wallet on Mac. There’s nothing to worry about it as it is a technical error and will be fixed up in a while after following some steps. If there is an error, you need to enter your information again, or else check that all the required tabs are filled correctly or not. In any worst situation, apple’s backend team is available 24*7 to support you, or you can visit your nearest Apple store.


Do you know what all you can find in your Apple Wallet on Mac? Your Apple Wallet App stores all your bank cards, making you avail of your bank cards’ benefits and rewards. Besides, you can store your student Identity Card to your Apple Wallet and access various places, like campus fees, snacks, laundry, and other requirements in your institution. You need to add your participating cards to your Apple Wallet on Mac and make payments easily and quickly.

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