Apple Pay Not Working Hold Near Reader to Pay- Solve The Problems!

Apr 13 2021

Are you experiencing problems with your Apple Pay? At times, you are at the merchant’s store and get stuck while making payments through Apple Pay, making you frustrated. There may be many issues for the same. However, you need not lose patience. If your Apple Pay not working, hold near reader to pay for your shopping, and it would help if you reset your Apple device if that happens with you at the shopping store.

How to Use Apple Pay?

Contactless payments are specially designed to help you avoid carrying wallets and bank cards in their pockets, making them more familiar to digital wallets. Apply Pay accepts all major bank cards, including Master Card, VISA, AMEX, Apple, and Apple Card. You must check whether Apple Pay supports your card or not. However, you may experience Apple Pay not working hold near reader to pay error, commonly faced by people, as sometimes it won’t let you process the payment.  

Apple Pay might ease some of your payments and top up with additional discounts. Singaporeans can use Apple Pay to make their payments at stores, apps, on the web, using a reward card, rides with a proper record of all your transactions history. The contactless payment method, Apple Pay, also works on federal payments cards, including veteran benefits and social security services paid through debit cards.

Techniques For Apple Pay Errors

Most of the Apple Pay users have faced Apple Pay not working hold near the reader to pay. There might be various possible issues with your Apple Pay. It might happen because of outdated OS, and also sometimes because of location problems. There are possibilities that sometimes your device locations do not match with your current location. It might also affect its working and will pop up the screen for try again. We have mentioned some common reasons and solutions to help fix your Apple Pay errors.

Phone Case Interference

We often use heavy phone cases for our devices to prevent them from cracks and breaking. It may appear like an obvious suggestion to remove those rubber covers to solve the error. Also, we sometimes use fancy or multipurpose surfaces with some metal elements in them, which can also be the reason for NFC error. Try removing those covers while processing your payments.

Sign Out and Sign In

Some of the Apple Pay users using Mac, iPhone, or iWatch might face errors frequently. Their contactless payment mode might not work in shops or other shopping stores. The effortless aolution for this Apple Pay error is to sign out and sign in back to your Apple ID. You can do it from Settings, iTunes, and App Store, select your Apple ID and follow the instructions as provided.

Apple Pay Server

At times, even after removing your phone case and signing in and out options, there are the chances that the payment is still not processed. If this is the reason for Apple Pay error, you can check if the Apple Pay server is working or not. It happens that the services providing Apple Pay might have back-end issues. You should wait for some time and recheck if the Apple server is working perfectly or not. Besides, you can view the Apple System Status over its online platform, where you will have access to the list of all the servers working or facing problems.

Different Reader

If you are going to pay through Apple Pay at a store, then you must check if the store accepts Apple Pay or not. There are chances that the different reader issue will not let the payment process. So, it would help if you tried another reader available at the shopping store. Check out multiple terminals, and opt for the one working perfectly. It would help if you marked the right for easy future payments and reduce the chances of Apple Pay Not Working Hold Near Reader to Pay. 

Manual Card Selection

It is possible that even after checking out all the terminals, the payment is still stuck and not processing. Now, you need to try out selecting your card manually instead of holding it near a reader. Go to your Apple wallet app, choose the card you want to use for the payment, use your verified ID and complete your transaction.


We often think that restart might not fix the problem, but it does. Try restarting your Apple device as there are many pieces and bits of data required to be reset in your phone for smooth functioning. Restarting the device might fix the reader problem.

Charge Your Phone

Your Apple device’s lower battery level might auto shut some of the features, restricting the payments and other activities. Ensure that you charge your phone to at least 20%-30%, as Apple Pay will not work on battery level below 10%.

Go For Credit

Always select credit card on your device instead of debit. It might solve the problem and even allow you to pay from your debit card for your billings.

These are a few standard solutions and techniques used for Apple Pay not working hold near reader to pay error faced by iPhone, MAC, iPad, iWatch users. Try them, and process your payments smoothly for your shopping needs and requirements. 

Banks Accepting Apple Pay In Singapore

Almost all the banks now have access to Apple Pay. The banks in Singapore accepting Apple Pay as payment methods include American Express, DBS, HSBC, United Overseas Bank, Singtel, OCBC, POSB, and many others.


Contactless and digital payments are thus widely accepted payment methods and are easy to track. You can maintain a proper record of all your transactions with them. Apple Pay, one of the contactless payment methods, is also accepted worldwide and is the most opted payment mode of Apple users in Singapore. Being an online payment mode, it sometimes faces some issues, like Apple Pay not working hold near the reader to pay. You can sort out this error within no time by trying out the ways and techniques mentioned above. 

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