8 Singapore Payment Methods You Should Know to Go Cashless


Singapore is among those nations where credit cards are the most commonly used payment method. If you are a Singaporean or intending to go for a vacay in Singapore, then you should know about the commonly adopted Singapore payment method. Apart from the MRT stations, almost everywhere else in the country, cashless payments are accepted. Hence, one must be prepared to face such circumstances where making a cash payment won’t be possible. The payment options covered in this article are different from the conventional payment methods, so keep reading further to get the details.

 If you are a businessman, you ought to be where your clients are, and progressively, that is on the Internet. These clients, as they become comfortable with the web and smartphones, expect a consistent e-commerce transaction experience. Below are some of the Singapore payment methods that are trying to deliver a seamless online shopping experience to customers.

DBS PayLah

You can get charming rides, book film shows, request yummy food, pay your bills, and do a lot more with this service. You can get payments from your colleagues, or send money to anyone, including customers who are listed on PayNow.

 DBS PayLah! is a popular Singapore payment method. Customers tend to use this payment method to pay for taxi administrations such as City Cabs and Comfort Cabs. DBS PayLah! customers can send money to one another via its mobile app. You can easily pay via a payment link or QR code.

Contactless Mobile Payments

As the cashless payment methods in Singapore are going viral, people are also loving it as all are very easy-to-use and convenient payment methods.  

Some of the contactless payment methods are Paypass from Mastercard, Paywave from Visa. These payment methods require just a mobile phone and internet and that’s why these contactless mobile payments are so hassle-free.

Pay anyone

It is a byproduct of OCBC Singapore and unlike its name, it is accepted by a limited number of services such as taxi rides, foods, and drinks. It allows you to transfer money to anyone, by using their portable number or email address. You will just need your phone and QR code to make a successful payment. Pay Anyone™ currently gives you the choice of sending your friends and acquaintances, their share of the bill. You can split the bill as you like. After getting your request on Pay Anyone™, they can transfer their share of the bill amount to you.


Alipay is the most mainstream e-Wallet service provider in Asia. In China, a huge number of payments are handled utilizing Alipay every day! Inhabitants utilize Alipay’s advanced wallet on their cell phone to rapidly pay installments, on the web, and via cash transfer. You can simply pay via Alipay, as you would just need your phone; and if the receiver also has an Alipay registration then you have to enter the Pin Code to pay the amount. In case you’re utilizing a personal computer, Alipay will request that you examine a QR code with your mobile to affirm the subtleties and enter your pin.

Nets Flashpay

Use hassle-free payment for transportation facilities during your excursion to Singapore with a NETS FlashPay Card. This public transportation card permits you to get around Singapore easily, similarly to EZ Link. Get your card (pre-stacked with esteem) before you show up in Singapore and skirt the lines at the train stations. Utilize this card to make credit-only installments in food courts, corner shops, and choose vendor focuses. This Singapore payment method will help you remember a hassle-free shopping experience in Singapore.

EZ-link Card

Protected, secure, and consistent payments are currently conceivable with the EZ-Link Wallet. Effectively pay for your yummy bites and suppers with only a couple of taps locally and even abroad with Alipay Connect vendors in Japan. Concession cards are also available in this Singapore payment method. You can track all the details of transactions done by EZ-link. You will get exciting rewards if you pay via an EZ-link card. You can enable the Auto- top-up feature if you want any monthly payment done via the EZ link.

You can pay at the following places via the EZ link,

  • Libraries
  • EPS car parks.
  • Gyms
  • Movies
  • Medical centres
  • Community clubs
  • Many Government services.

Mobile Apps

Mobile-based virtual installments are getting mainstream, largely due to the promotion efforts being made by the major cell phone producers. How this works is that you would have to register your credit/charge card or ledger with your cell phone wallet installment supplier like Apple or Android Phone (Google Pay) or Samsung. NFC is then connected to a terminal which helps charge your connected card or record. Once at the store that acknowledges these installments, you need to open up the installment strategy on your telephone and verify to pay. Mobile phone installments can now likewise be utilized for MRT or Mass Rapid Transport installments in Singapore.


For those new to Singapore, it could be overpowering to monitor so many cashless Singapore payment methods. The above is a nitty-gritty rundown of all credit-only methods accessible in Singapore, so you can get a general idea about these payment methods.